Customers interact with brands on a daily basis, whether it be through digital channels or traditional above the line advertising, and their consumer journey is influenced by several touchpoints in each company’s larger marketing strategy. One of the most critical touchpoints along this consumer journey is packaging as it is one of the factors that influence a buyer’s final decision when they are shopping. From traditional in-store shopping to e-commerce innovations, packaging is playing a crucial role in the reception of brands in the modern marketing landscape. As a result, companies need to adopt packaging strategies that are on-trend and effective if they wish to win over consumers peering through their catalogs or strolling through the aisles of their stores. 

But before we can dive into some of these trusted techniques, it is imperative that we understand how consumer perception is shaped by packaging and the customer psychology that underpins the latest packaging trends. In doing so, we can begin painting a clearer picture of what great packaging in the consumers’ eyes looks like. Let’s unpack this buyer psychology a little further. 

Packaging’s effect on the subconscious mind

Whether we care to believe it or not, reports dating back to 2013 suggest that packaging plays an essential role in encouraging consumer impulse buying. These reports indicate that packaging consumers deem attractive trigger brain activity related to impulsivity whereas unattractive packaging results in less of these impulses being triggered. This study, among others that dive into the effects of packaging on the consumer buying process, is critical in our understanding that packaging matters and creating attractive packaging can strongly influence a buyer’s decision. 

But, what is attractive and how can companies create packaging that has this influential ability? Well, before we look closer at this we will outline a few of the denominators affecting a consumer’s perception of packaging.

Before deciding how you will use these contributing factors to your advantage in creating packaging that influences a buyer’s decision, it is essential that companies utilize trusted packaging suppliers. After finding the perfect packaging partner for all your supply needs, we can turn our attention back to the crux of the matter – how to create packaging that influences a buyer’s decision. Well, let’s look at a few trendy tips that may suit your next project:

Custom Printed Boxes

There’s no denying the effective use of simple branding on a simple box. Where it may have been the only ideal packaging method in the past, it lost favor to innovative packaging techniques at a time where being different made the most impact. Now, however, neatly designed printed boxes are seeing a return to fashion thanks to YouTube’s unboxing phenomenon. The unboxing experience has become its own theme on social media with viewers flocking to their timelines to watch influencers open up their printed product boxes to discover what lies inside. This social media splash can be leveraged by your company by crafting standout printed boxes to send off to influencers around the world. Be sure to utilize environmentally-friendly packaging and consider incorporating textures to elevate the consumer’s experience with your boxes. In some cases, consumers even repurpose them because they are so stunning.

The Display Difference

This point is generally in reference to what brands are doing in their stores to elevate product packaging, however, displaying packaging digitally is entirely doable and arguably essential at this point in time. How you display your packaging impacts the overall packaging appeal of your products, so it is essential that companies do not overlook their display cabinets. No one wants to buy goods sitting on a plain white shelf, utilizing a range of distinct display options will set your packaging apart and convince your buyer’s to choose your products over the competition. This is a critical point of contact to holistically solve your packaging presentation problems. In the digital space, how you represent your catalog is your display difference so be sure to concoct innovative ideas on how to best utilize this digital space.

Include All Necessary Information

Consumers want to know exactly what they will be getting, especially when there is such a demand for environmentally-friendly packaging and other health-conscious concerns around products. As such, after you have curated your distinct packaging that utilizes memorable colors and delightful textures, it would be wise to consider how you can best apply all the necessary information onto the packaging. Such things include the kinds of materials used and if they are eco-friendly as well as the health risks or lack thereof associated with the use or consumption of your product. Doing so will further legitimize your product and boost your consumer appeal, helping you influence a buyer’s decision more consistently. 

How you can create packaging that influences a buyer’s decision does not end here. However, it would be in your best interest to craft packaging that incorporates some of the above-mentioned trends if you wish to set yourself apart from the competition as you prepare for the busy festive period.