Even before the devastating COVID-19 pandemic forced the doors of brick-and-mortar stores shut during the roll-out of extensive lockdowns, eCommerce was experiencing a global rise. Statistics reveal that eCommerce sales grew rapidly between 2018 and 2019 and the trajectories show that these figures will only rise further. The ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic are only serving to improve the rate at which these numbers increase as more and more shoppers prefer an online retail experience in the modern consumer market. 

That said, online shoppers are rarely aware of the behind-the-scenes processes underpinning eCommerce and are more concerned with the ability to receive products on-demand, from across the world, within short time frames, and at reasonable costs. As such, businesses have been required to consider new eCommerce models for improving the rates at which they can serve the demanding consumer. One such model that has seen overwhelming success in recent years is the dropshipping model. 

In this article, we will outline the function of the dropshipping model, discuss how it is impacting company packaging solutions, and assess how it may improve one’s brand image through supporting customer satisfaction. From facilitating unique online shopping experiences to the efficient delivery of in-demand products and improving the ability to craft personalized packaging solutions to reducing company costs during the production process, here’s our ultimate guide to dropshipping in 2021 and how it can help your brand stand out.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a relatively new retail fulfillment method that has grown tremendously for its adaptability in the modern consumer market. The model involves online stores dispensing products purchased from third-party suppliers directly into the hands of consumers through fast shipping. In doing so, stores are not required to handle products, pay overheads on rent space and in-store facilities, and maintain product stock. The process is incredibly common, with 33% of online stores making use of the dropshipping model to meet their consumers’ needs. But what makes it such a go-to process in the modern consumer market? Well, firstly it is not exceptionally difficult for business owners to incorporate. In fact, entrepreneurs can leverage several benefits of utilizing dropshipping to get their online stores operational quicker than ever before. Furthermore, dropshipping is a process whose components, such as packaging design, can be outsourced for improved success using the model.

One does not have to devise a complete in-house dropshipping packaging strategy without the assistance of professionals equipped with the resources and tools able to accurately implement the model and develop top-quality packaging solutions. Companies like Compack are one-stop shops for the design and creation of packaging solutions that meet the demands of consumers, comply with dropshipping standards, and facilitate a profitable return on investment for businesses wishing to get a leg up on the competition in 2021. 

So, let’s take a look at the ways in which dropshipping with the help of reputable packaging suppliers can facilitate a stronger brand image and return on investment.

Beating the Budget

One of the reasons businesses seek the dropshipping model as their go-to product fulfillment model is the fact that it can save company costs in several significant areas. The cutback on overheads is a huge selling point for dropshipping as warehouses, facilities, and stores create massive dents in a company’s revenue stream. Dropshipping is also sought-after as brands do not have to stock the products themselves, saving on potential wastage through failure to accurately predict supply versus demand. The flexibility of the dropshipping model also allows companies to adapt and amend their processes on the fly, tailoring solutions as challenges arise and finding cost-effective ways of managing their distribution process.

Creativity in the Digital Space

While this point may not seem so obvious because one would generally agree that owning a brick-and-mortar store with products streamlined and sold from the store creates room for creativity. Alas, more and more online retailers are proving that the digital space offers ample area for creativity to shine and this can have a tremendously positive impact on one’s brand. Consumers spend an enormous amount of their time online, browsing and perusing the many stores until a product finally grabs their attention. This process can be an incredibly difficult one to serve as consumer attention spans are extremely limited. As a result, creative digital solutions are of the utmost importance – a consumer touchpoint that can be leveraged through smart thinking and brilliant design. Companies are encouraged, through the process of managing dropshipping, to create better online shopping experiences that solve consumer problems and facilitate a positive consumer response.

Bring Unboxing Dreams to Life

One of the most critical consumer touchpoints to consider when adopting the dropshipping eCommerce model is the packaging of your products. This is the most important aspect to consider as it is one of the areas you control in the process, and it is a component that can connect with your consumers on a deeper level. Partnering with a preferred packaging supplier will allow you to bring your dream packaging solutions to life, ones that a personalized for your consumers and offer them an unparalleled brand experience. After all, the unboxing experience in this day and age needs to be so unique that it blows your audience away considering they have lost the connection they once had with brick-and-mortar stores. In this part of the process, companies can focus their attention, they would have otherwise needed for facilitating the success of a brick-and-mortar store, on bringing to life remarkable packaging solutions that are creative and functional.

With a better understanding of dropshipping, its role in the modern eCommerce market, and the ways in which it can improve your brand image in the mind of the consumer, you may consider effective adaptations of this distinct model tailored to your business’s operations. Doing so may mean the difference between financial success and failure to fulfill consumer needs in 2021.