fresh packaging trendsAs 2020 edges closer to wrapping up, the world looks to 2021 in the hopes of new horizons bringing with them positive and welcomed change. Across the boards, businesses are preparing for what’s in store and looking to trends to get a leg up on the competition. As packaging becomes a bigger and more important part of the consumer journey, with delivery seeing a massive rise in popularity during the worldwide pandemic, companies are pressed to incorporate new packaging trends into their growing business plans to meet and exceed customer expectations as the festive season and, more specifically, the new year rolls around. 


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Once the ideal packaging company has been selected, you can turn our attention to the latest packaging trends and determine the ways in which you can incorporate these innovations into your own businesses to make operations more efficient and effective as we approach 2021. In this article, we will outline several of the most notable packaging trends you should take note of now!


Sustainability Will Be Expected


Environmental damages as a result of single-use plastics and harmful packaging solutions continue to plague the world, and recent studies conducted by the WEF suggest that there will be more waste in the oceans than fish by the year 2050. Considering this dreadful hypothesis, it is no wonder that the world has seen massive shifts in eco-friendly thinking across the board, with more and more consumers demanding refined business operations to reduce negative environmental impact as well as new packaging solutions to minimize environmental risk. 


While public opinion on this topic does vary from generation to generation as well as country to country, the general trajectory showcases an increase in the number of people calling for companies to adopt sustainable packaging solutions. This trajectory is beginning to tell us that, by next year, it will almost be expected that companies utilize sustainable packaging in all areas. Currently, more and more consumers are willing to pay premiums for eco-friendly packaged goods but the general trends may lean towards a consumer base that is not even willing to consider companies who do not employ environmentally-friendly packaging initiatives.


The Demand For Luxury Packaging

Luxury Packaging

Beyond the need for packaging that adheres to environmentally-friendly protocols, consumers are also willing to spend big money on goods that make use of appealing packaging. After all, packaging is a key visual consumer touchpoint that often is the eye-grabbing sales pitch a consumer needs to choose one product over the other when in-store. The fact that more and more consumers are being influenced by product packaging means that next year, more than ever, companies will need to place a huge emphasis on this consumer touchpoint. Furthermore, the fact that consumers are swayed by specific types of packaging based on psychological profiling means that these companies will need to maintain their on-trend strategies, particularly in the luxury category as this is what appeals most. 


In order to understand how we can leverage this trend, we need to step inside the mind of the consumer and understand what constitutes luxury right now. Let’s take a look below at some of the key indicators of luxury packaging:


  • Material choices: the use of fabrics and specific material choices have a huge impact on what consumers consider to be luxury packaging. Fabrics like silk and color choices like metallics give off a premium vibe that consumers are more willing to get behind. 
  • Innovative techniques: another premium trick to packaging is employing innovative packaging modules that make for a more immersive consumer experience. Packages that fold or dismantle to reveal the product are more personalized and premium, crafting a luxurious experience for the buyer.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle: as already mentioned, packaging that adheres to environmentally-friendly measures already meets a level of luxury that consumers are drawn to, however, taking this one step further and making packaging reusable doubles that premium appeal. Packaging that can be used over and over, is more trendy than throw-away packagings.

Appropriate Stylistic Choices

Packaging Trends 2021


Last but not least, making appropriate stylistic choices even when a product is not luxurious is a trend that companies should not overlook when designing for 2021. Stylistic choices that are relevant can make all the difference in your packaging pursuits and the following considerations moving into 2021 should be noted and drawn from as inspiration should companies wish to stay a cut above the competition as the market becomes more tumultuous in the new year. 


  • Soft colors, natural appeal: the use of softer and more natural tones are becoming a big draw for packaging moving into the new year, so companies should look at how they can incorporate light and muted tones into their palettes.
  • Flat design: the use of flat illustrations continues to appeal across the designer world and companies who adopt this cheeky and fun design trend may benefit in their packaging efforts. This quirky choice elevates the packaging to a piece of funky art that can be kept by the consumer.
  • Minimalism outshines: rather than flashy and over-the-top designs, customers are looking at design in the same way they are starting to look at their lives, with a keen eye for minimalism. You can leverage the simplicity of minimalism to cut back on packaging costs and attract consumers. 


With these key packaging trends for 2021 in mind, companies can more adequately prepare for the new year and meet the customers halfway in their pursuit of crafting packaging tailored for the discerning consumer, and at the same time build more meaningful relationships.