How Confectionery Packaging Has Evolved Through The Years

Packaging has evolved tremendously over the years, with companies developing innovative packaging solutions to suit the relevant situational circumstances of their particular periods in time. From metal tins to milk cartons and, more recently, eco-friendly bottles, packaging has come a long way since confectionery packaging was first introduced in the 1700s when snacks were introduced […]

Personalization In Packaging – What Is The Value?

Packaging has evolved tremendously over the last decade and today, packaging is at the summit of its social influence with personalization changing the face of the packaging industry forever. More and more companies across the globe are investing in personalized packaging to stand out from the competition and make a connection with their customers, opting […]

Sustainable Packaging Done Right – Get All The Tips Here

Some years ago, sustainability was still an innovative business idea setting companies apart from the competition as consumer demand for eco-friendly products and business operations became increasingly important across the global market. Today, sustainability has become a standard and consumers are even more aware of the environmental impacts of all areas of business. From factories […]

The Psychology of Product Packaging

Packaging psychology

Have you ever wondered why certain products seem to fly off the shelves while others are forgotten and left to gather dust in their aisles? Maybe you believe brand loyalty plays a pivotal role in which products are popular or argue that product qualities are an essential part of the decision-making process. While you would […]