Take Your Business Online

Take Your Business Online with Custom Packaging 


With Compack’s Innovative online marketplace, we are dedicated to helping converters and printers expand their business by helping you transition online.


How Does It Work?

The consulting services for converters and printers involves a two-stage process:  

First Session – 3-4 hours of consulting (via zoom or another online video conference) to better understand the company’s baseline and the necessary steps needed to move online, and to present the available options to improve the company’s digital presence. 

This is done after filling a questionnaire that maps out the company’s readiness to move online.

The Agenda for the first session is as follows:

1.     Presenting what is needed to become a leading online custom packaging provider.

2.     Go over a questionnaire. 

3.     Identify the gaps and steps needed to go online.

4.     Present the workflow options that are suited to the company’s needs.

5.     Define the next steps – Go ahead/NoGo.

Not every company is ready to jump to the online market. The goal of the first session is to put the mirror in front of the decision-maker to understand how far the company is from moving online and to understand if there is a willingness to invest time and money to make it happen. 

Take your Packaging business online

An online company has the potential to attract hundreds of jobs per day, which means that turnaround time is of the utmost importance and something that the company should be prepared for in advance. 

To move online there are 4 major components that need to be considered: 

·       Workflow – frontend and backend

·       Manufacturing

·       Marketing

·       Culture

 Should the company agree to taking the next steps to move online during the first session, the next phase will include: 

·       Defining the project scope.

·       Setting specific milestones.

·       Deciding on a suitable budget.

·       Regular follow-ups to ensure successful project delivery.

 The timeframe for a project like this can take between 9 – 18 months.  

The Compack consulting team are dedicated to providing you with support and the necessary tools to successfully move your business online. 

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