Packaging has evolved tremendously over the last decade and today, packaging is at the summit of its social influence with personalization changing the face of the packaging industry forever. More and more companies across the globe are investing in personalized packaging to stand out from the competition and make a connection with their customers, opting for innovations that are well worth the cost as they build stronger relationships with audiences. 

Consumer buying habits have also completely shifted during this pandemic and will continue to change as we adapt to the new world post pandemic. While most consumers are turning to online stores, it is becoming an increasingly competitive market for products on the shelf. Unfortunately, slashing prices or applying heavy discounts is not always possible for some product manufacturers, however, using personalized packaging and campaigns can help encourage consumers to buy your product off the shelf. Increasing safety measures, using sustainable materials, and formulating a design that preserves the unboxing experience and also reduces the anxieties many consumers are facing will prove to be valuable in your marketing efforts and help your brand stand out from the competition in both retail and eCommerce stores. 

In the wake of the personalized packaging revolution, companies must follow in the footsteps of brands like Coca-Cola and Oreo who paved the way for successful personalized packaging campaigns as this type of packaging becomes a greater expectation for the modern consumer. Alas, finding the perfect packaging partner to produce one’s novel designs can be a time-consuming and tricky process. Not all suppliers are equipped with the tools and resources to bring a company’s dream packaging ideas to life, leaving many brands behind in the packaging world. Thankfully, quality comparative resources are available to help you quickly locate a trustworthy and reliable packaging manufacturer – saving you time and money in the process. 

With a perfectly suited packaging partner in one’s corner, companies can safely and confidently craft interesting and distinct packaging solutions to attract their consumer base. Doing so will likely make a significant impact with one’s consumers, and here’s why personalized packaging can add value to your business:

Connect With Your Consumer

Coca Cola is arguably one of the first major companies to introduce personalized packaging on a global scale to its consumers in the form of the 2011 “Share a Coke” campaign launched in Australia and subsequently rolled out across the world because of its huge success. This was the first time that consumers were acknowledged by name on product packaging and it was as simple as plastering their iconic red cans with the words “Share a coke with” followed by a name. Geographic targeting allowed Coca Cola’s marketing teams to generate named bottles specific to popular names within specific destinations, creating personal connections with consumers no matter where in the world they found themselves enjoying their Cokes. 

The campaign was taken one step further with consumers encouraged to share the hashtag, which was used over 650 000 times. The shareability of this personalized packaging is just one example of how companies can leverage simple product design ideas to create a meaningful connection with their consumers. 

Create Bespoke, Tailored Solutions

Taking personalization one step further can help companies create a bespoke brand image that is likely to leave an indelible impression on one’s audience. One such brand that has proven the value of bespoke personalized solutions is Prose, with their micro-targeted packaging showcasing that their products deliver haircare results with “100% precision.” How do they do this, you may ask? Prose is one of the many modern beauty care brands that require consumers to participate in an in-store or online consultation to formulate specific beauty care products tailored to individual needs. After a consultation, consumers purchase their products and receive their custom beauty care remedies with personalized messages including their names on the bottles.

Prose’s personalized products are an example of how companies can create one-to-one connections with their consumers and craft bespoke solutions that will set their products apart from the typical mass-produced products in their industry. These kinds of solutions answer consumers’ needs directly and make a more significant impact than other types of packaging solutions. Sure, such campaigns can be costly to run but the right packaging partner may be capable of turning these ideas into an affordable reality so that companies can begin generating bespoke, tailored solutions.

Make Consumers The Artists

While some companies design personalized packaging to appeal to their consumer base, others allow their consumer base to design their personalized packaging. Mondelez’ Oreo Colorfilled is one example of a campaign that gave the power of personalized packaging to the consumer. Oreo fans across the United States were invited to join a limited experience where they were able to design their own Oreo packaging using digital painting tools or order a ‘color-your-own’ pack which came as a blank canvas for individuals to draw directly on. 

The success of this campaign and its novel personalized packaging can be attributed to the fact that consumers were able to physically connect with the brand. Rather than simply recognizing members of their consumer base, Oreo managed to invite their audience to be a part of their company. By influencing the products, consumers were able to bridge the gap between corporate company and target market, giving them a sense of connection with the brand that is rarely replicated to such success.

Surprise And Delight Consumers

The final step to adding value through personalized packaging is crafting unique surprise and delight elements that will pleasantly shock your audience upon receiving their packaging. Consumers receive packages often and, typically, cardboard boxes are ripped up to reveal what’s inside and subsequently discarded in the trash. Alas, companies have a crucial opportunity here to catch their audience by surprise through delivering packaging that cannot be ignored. Companies may decide to add textures to their boxes, utilize materials that can be recycled, or add personalized notes to their gifts to delight their customers once they have opened up their new products. This kind of personalized packaging, although commonly practiced, should not be overlooked as it is a fundamental part of the unboxing experience consumers have come to expect and love.

As one can see, personalized packaging adds value to businesses based on several consumer responses to fascinating packaging solutions. From creating a personal connection with consumers to crafting a distinguished brand image and producing solutions that solve consumer problems to surprising and delighting one’s audience, personalized packaging will set your products apart in the current market landscape. It is, therefore, advisable that companies connect with manufacturers capable of bringing novel packaging ideas to life and begin joining the personalized packaging revolution.