The new normal is here and it’s not going to change for a while. As the Covid-19 pandemic has taken over the world and our lives, many companies have had to quickly shift their operational services within their employee network. With many having to work from home, it’s made it a little harder to give employees appreciation, support, and team building activities. So , what’s the next best thing?  Luckily with the right creativity, anything is possible. Companies have now resorted to sending their employees welcome boxes, team building kits, and so much more exciting things. Let’s take a look at some creative ideas of unique corporate packages that are custom made according to the idea, theme, and activity.

Employee feel appreciated


Hiring employees during this challenging time can prove to be complicated; making a new employee feel welcomed is a dilemma on it’s own. It’s not easy training and getting to know someone through a virtual realm.  To make the transition easier and smoother, companies are sending beautiful customized corporate welcome boxes to their newest additions. This includes the essentials such as a notebook, a note from the CEO or manager, an organizational calendar,  pen, mug, shirt, and snacks. All these are branded gifts and come in a lovely welcome box that has also been customized as per the company’s brand identity. If you’re talking about starting off on the right foot, this idea is great!

Team Building

Team building is an amazing opportunity to create a positive dynamic within the company. Working well together and having fun is great. But, how does one go about this while respecting social distancing guidelines? Easy! Companies are going virtual with fun team building activities and spoiling their staff with a customized box full of goods. There are so many fantastic ideas to choose from, here’s just some of them.

Virtual Cookery Classes

Imagine a pizza night from the comfort of one’s own home with a chef guiding you on zoom? Businesses are making this happen by sending their employees customized team building activity boxes via post. All the essentials are there. Pizza dough, cheese, rolling pin, tomato sauce, apron, etc.   Not only does this create a fun unboxing experience but also presents an awesome opportunity for colleagues to partake in these important office activities without feeling the heavy price of being isolated at home.

Virtual Cookery Classes

Art Classes

Art classes are definitely therapeutic and fun. You never know, you may just find out your colleague is the next Picasso. Employees each get a lovely customized box from their respective workplace with a canvas, oil paint, a rough sketch of what they need to paint, and paint brushes. These goods all come packed in a lovely box with a personalized note .

Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms are just as fun as the real deal. If you love solving mysteries and looking for clues, this activity is great. Each employee receives a box of notes and any other clues they may need. Often, colleagues are grouped in twos and whoever gets to solve the mystery wins a customized corporate box with a prize or online voucher.

Birthday Surprise

The days of singing happy birthday and having a laugh with your colleagues over a nice chocolate cake has come to a sudden halt. When an employee has a birthday, it is something that should still be shared with their second family, i.e workplace. Thanks to postal services and the help of customizable gift boxes, one can still have their cake, and eat it too! Enterprises are sending over cakes, gifts, vouchers, and wine to their employees who are celebrating their birthday. This is a beautiful way of making them appreciated and adding an exciting element to their special day by receiving and opening a lovely, branded package from the company they work at.

Birthday surprise

Office Supplies

Our homes have become our new office and with that, companies have allocated “makeshift office budgets” to their employees. Since rent is not on the budget, they have opted to help their employees create a comfortable office space at home. Apart from providing office chairs and tables, employees are receiving branded office supplies such as pens, notebooks, mugs, keyboards, and so much more. It’s also a great opportunity for companies to brand their merchandise and add their personal branded “touch”.

Office supplies


Making an employee feel comfortable and appreciated doesn’t really require much effort. All you need is a great packaging supplier that can print beautiful corporate boxes customized for any occasion. Making remote working into something doable and even, fun is the new trend!