The holiday season has reared its festive head, with shimmering tinsel draping the aisles of shopping malls and Christmas trees nestling neatly on landscaped lawns. It’s a time of splendor and splurging, where marketers find themselves worked to the bone as they ready extensive festive season campaigns. Companies work round the clock to get things done for this final stretch timeously, working hard behind the scenes in the hopes of gaining more business in the final quarter of the year. At a time where shopping is the name of the game, companies should not forget about their fancy packaging, which will enable you to win customers who will be sifting through the shelves in search of an eye-grabbing gift. 


In the following article, we have outlined several factors to consider when designing your packaging for the 2020 holiday season, so that you can leverage consumer trends and get a leg up on the competition. 


Source The Right Supplier

Before you begin drafting your packaging designs, it would be wise to find a suitable and trustworthy supplier you can count on to produce your visionary creations. With an abundance of options to choose from, doing so may not be as time-efficient as originally planned. Fortunately, there are tools to help you along and make the job as smooth as possible. For example, Compack provides the seamless ability to compare packaging vendors across the board all within one online platform. Our platform also allows you to sift through the array of companies and locate minimal order packaging vendors that match your budget, turnaround, and product needs.


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Target Smartly And Creatively

As one can see from the efforts of the competition, custom packaging sells over the festive season and it would be wise to follow suit when designing your packaging for the 2020 holidays. Before you can begin defining a brand new packaging design for your audience, you will need to consider your marketing target strategy and design according to your customer profiles. This smart targeting will help you craft packaging that appeals to your audience and sets the company apart from the competition within the market category. The next step in your packaging targeting would be executing your designs creatively, on a smaller scale that feels personalized to your consumer. After all, personal touches will resonate with your audience.


Let Color Take Control

Color is a critical component of graphic design and it should never be overlooked in packaging design. Customers respond to certain colors in certain ways and, especially during the festive season, color plays a big role in aiding customer decisions during their shopping experiences. Jumping on current 2020 color trends will help your packaging design tremendously as you appeal to fashion-forward audiences and other customer profiles that are persuaded by uses of color. The following color trends for 2020 may be the answer to your holiday season packaging designs:


  • Go for green: synonymous with the holidays and the eco-conscious movement, adopting green has the dual benefit of showcasing the Christmas spirit while highlighting environmentally-friendly efforts.
  • Metallic magic: with simplicity and sophistication unparalleled by other colors, metalics will help elevate your products into a more luxurious category.
  • Illustrious illustrations: the playful touch of illustrations has seen a major rise in inclusion within packaging design as it gives products a youthful energy while serving as a limited edition art piece for sentimental customers.
  • Black and gold: in the same vein as metalics, black and gold have seen a prominent rise in their use for packaging design as they have a touch of elegance and class. The two remain firm favorites for their minimalist combination and fluid ability to elevate products across several categories.


As color psychology plays such a pivotal role in marketing, making the right color choice may make all the difference in your packaging designs.



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Make Fashionable Stylistic Choices

Beyond color, there are several stylistic 2020 trends worth noting when preparing your packaging design for the holiday season. We are seeing more and more companies adopting various techniques and making specific artistic choices in their packaging design and some of these, which are outlined below, may be leveraged to improve your 2020 designs: 


  • Try out laser cut-out in folding cartons: Limited edition folding cartons with laser cut-outs of holiday-themed graphics make for a trendy packaging for this festive season. Customers are drawn to this type of packaging for its distinct, quirky vibe and the best part is that this type of packaging does not require any wrapping should someone choose to gift it.
  • Feeling frosted: frosted bags add a touch of elegance and suit the festive season perfectly, wrapping up premium gifts for discerning customers.
  • Taped up: the use of tape neatly sealing a cardboard box has become a major trend for its handcrafted allure that customers are after, giving them the idea that gifts are limited and designed with meticulous attention to detail.
  • All about cloth: durable and multi-purpose, cloth bags have seen popularity as a new packaging design trend that can serve the customer in more ways than one. Often bags are designed from fabric to be used again by the customer after unwrapping.


Take Your Packaging Digital

Beyond the packaging itself, it would be wise to consider ways in which you can take your customer’s packaging experience digital. After all, we live in the digital age. Through the use of scannable QR codes or URLs plastered on your packaging, you may encourage customers to visit specific websites and sign up for newsletters, which would offer them discounts on various products. This, although the most basic strategic marketing approach to digital packaging, is still one of the favorites among companies during the holiday season, and for good reason – it works. Try a combination of digital packaging experiences to get the most from this tip.


These are just a few ways you can elevate your packaging design for the 2020 holiday season, from sourcing the appropriate suppliers to making the right color choices and taking your packaging experience digital.