Tips on Designing Custom Packaging and Brand Packaging


From boosting consumer confidence and brand appeal to ensuring usability and product protection, your product package speaks volumes about your brand and the product inside. But before you begin the product packaging design process, it’s important to have a brand guide in mind that communicates your brand value directly into the product package. This includes your logo and other brand identity elements such as the colors, styles, fonts and themes that reflect your brand vision and give consumers that fuzzy feeling when unboxing your brand new products. Here are a few tips on how to successfully brand and design your custom packaging for optimal market penetration.



Start with Branding


Your custom package should always fit your brand — not the other way around. Just like your brand, your package should be visually appealing and make a fantastic first impression. Companies that don’t spend enough time or resources on emphasizing their brand identity with packaging are missing a huge opportunity to distinguish themselves from the competition.


One way to set your product apart is by giving your brand a unique look — one that doesn’t necessarily follow generic color palettes, fonts, and styles in your industry. If you study your competitors, you may begin to pick and choose design elements that you like while contrasting them with the ones you don’t. Include all of your likes and dislikes in your design brief, which, by the time it reaches your designer, should frame a solid concept and allow them to draw inspiration from all the materials and input you’ve provided.


From there, a quality brand designer will add creative power to your ideas and mingle them with their personal talents to produce something totally unique. Remember, creators always require some level of autonomy when working — after all, if you could do what they do, you wouldn’t need them! In fact, if you’re confident about your own designing abilities, you can dive right into the role with the help of online brand design tools right through your custom package manufacturer. Once you’ve given your designer as much input and source materials as you can come up with, just step back and let the magic happen. You can always refine the brand design until you’ve hit gold after your designer has delivered their drafts. In this way, your brand will discover a unique style and aesthetic appeal that you can bring into the package design process.



Work with an Innovative Custom Packaging Manufacturer


The more innovation your custom packaging manufacturer has to offer, the more flexibility you’ll have in designing a brand package that makes an industry-leading impression. Our growing list of online custom package manufacturers gives you access to an intuitive design process that helps bring your dream package to life through unlimited customization options and sustainable packaging features. Many custom package manufacturers even cover the entire package design process right through their online platform — before you place a single order!


You’ll begin by choosing a custom package type (primary or secondary packaging) and browsing and selecting a unique box style. Then, you’ll input your product dimensions and review box sizes to create the perfect fit for your product. Download a die-cut template and apply your branding logo, colors, and other graphic elements provided by your brand designer to the package exterior and interior as you see fit, or simply design your own graphics using online tools through your custom package manufacturer. Then, review a 3D mockup of your package and make any modifications, place an order for a sample, sit back and relax!


Many custom packaging manufacturers even have a designer on standby ready to assist you with designing your product package right through the online platform. With the combined help of a brand designer and package designer at your fingertips, you’ll have the liberty of browsing and selecting countless custom package design options while being guided by industry professionals. Off to the races!