The Perfect Unboxing experience 

Think about how excited you are to open gifts on your birthday or Christmas Day. It is this overwhelming excitement of not knowing what you are going to get that creates a lasting memory and connection to the person who bought you the gift. Did they get you the necklace you have been dying for, or is it just a gift card to a store you hardly visit. Of course, you will be more excited about the necklace. 


And this is exactly the kind of emotion you want to instill in your consumers and influencers. Unboxing has gone from a seasonal treat to an online pleasure everybody wants to get in on. The entire unboxing experience has become such a powerful marketing tool there are hundreds of Instagram accounts dedicated to picking apart brand packaging and reviewing the entire unboxing experience. This is why your packaging is an important sales driver that builds loyalty with your consumers and keeps them coming back for more.


Here are a few ways on how to create the perfect unboxing experience:

The Numbers Behind The Unboxing Experience

Just to put the popularity of unboxing into perspective, there are well over 1.6 million videos dedicated to product unboxing on YouTube alone. Popular influencer channels rake in almost 2.4 billion views, which just goes to show how powerful product packaging can be and there are no signs of it slowing down in 2020 either. Giving your consumers a memorable and exciting experience is the backbone of building customer loyalty. And according to 37% of the market, it takes a consumer five purchases to consider themselves as a loyal customer. This is a task on its own, but by giving your consumers something that WOWs them with each purchase, you are bound to retain these customers for a very long time.


Unboxing trend

How To Perfect The Unboxing Experience

There is a lot of competition out there, but if you are smart about your packaging and the way you present your products to consumers, it won’t be hard to lead the pack. These are some key packaging elements to consider when going to market.

Go With Customized Packaging

Plain brown shipping boxes may be cheaper, but think about how it would feel for the consumer to find a boring old box on their doorstep. Not really exciting is it? Customized packaging that is branded in a clever way is the perfect opportunity to embed your brand into your consumer’s mind. They will remember your design and logo, which provides your company with a valuable opportunity to retain your customers.


The branding tells a story about your company and can range from a sleek and simple design to edgier colors and graphics, however, it must be in line with your brand identity. For example, Apple uses a minimalist yet elegant approach while the unmistakable Birchbox uses upbeat colors and graphics suited to the type of products it sells. Whether you are using shipper boxes, mailers, or folding cartons, make sure your branding highlights your values and sets you apart from the competition.

Focus On Packaging Materials

There is so much plastic waste on this planet, it is starting to have devastating effects on nature, animals, and ourselves. Being mindful of the packaging materials you use goes a long way, and your consumers will appreciate you for it. Far too many brands use wasteful packaging that is unnecessary just to create an effect, but you can achieve the same results by using less. Less is always more and when it comes to packaging, you want to use the materials that are sustainable and 100% recyclable.

It Is All In The Presentation

You want your package to look like it was carefully thought out and not just thrown together in a box. Your products should be well presented and neatly packed. It is important to look for packaging that is the correct size for your product and shipping if you are an eCommerce retailer. You don’t want your products to shake about in the box during the shipping process, so finding a package that is the perfect fit is a key factor in your presentation. Using the correct size packaging will also make your package more sustainable by reducing waste and reducing your carbon footprint by eliminating the need to ship your product with larger transport modes.  


Unboxing experience


Surprise Gifts

There is nothing better than receiving an unexpected free gift with your package. Even if it is just a small free sample or a discount code for the next order, these small thoughtful extras resonate with the audience, making the unboxing experience that much more special and personal. A discount code is a win-win situation because your consumers get a little something off and you have gained a return customer.

Get Personal

In addition to the free gift, nothing says thank you quite like a handwritten personal note in the box. Building a personal connection with consumers makes them feel like they are a valuable asset to your brand. It doesn’t have to be over the top, but a simple thank you is enough to make the connection. If you really want to resonate with your consumers, add their name to the personalized note to make it even more special and personal. 


Putting It All Together

There is no limit to what you can do when creating a personalized and memorable unboxing experience. There are thousands of packaging options and little extras that are budget-friendly and sustainable. Be clever with your branding and give consumers something to get excited about like a discount code, free gift, or thoughtful personalized gift. By creating a seamless unboxing experience, consumers are more than likely going to take a snap or video of your product on their Social Media platforms, which is a win-win for both parties. You get free media exposure, and they get a fabulous gift that will leave a lasting impression.