How eCommerce Influenced The Types Of Packaging We Use


With the eCommerce space expected to see a rise in sales by up to $4.2 trillion in 2020 alone and a staggering $6.5 trillion by 2023, more and more brands are having to reassess their business models and packaging in order to meet the demands of their customers. The online shopper takes certain factors into consideration before making the decision to purchase such as speed, price, and shipping methods. 


Due to this, brands are needing to rethink the way they package their goods, which also includes the type of materials used. 


Here are a few ways eCommerce is influencing packaging.


ecommerce packaging

Omni-channel Solutions

Now that more and more brands are moving online to break into a new market space, primary packaging is just not going to cut it across the board. The packaging brands have chosen must be adapted to both retail and eCommerce, which means investing in packaging suitable for retail shelves and protective packaging that ensures your package arrives safely during the shipping process. In a retail setting when a package is damaged, consumers usually reach for the next one behind it, which at the end of the day has no real consequence or impact on the sale, the retailer, or the brand. However, in an eCommerce setting, receiving a damaged package or product is a different story. 


Think about it from the consumer’s perspective. They have purchased a product and are waiting in anticipation for it to arrive only to find that the package is damaged. Not only does this create unnecessary admin for both the consumer and retailer to rectify, but it also leaves an undesirable first impression on your customer. It’s easier to retain a loyal customer by giving them a great first impression than it is to try to keep the customer happy by fixing a problem that shouldn’t have existed in the first place.


In addition to this, there are no shipping costs involved in retail settings, but with eCommerce, shipping costs are the norm. Due to this, a product that would normally cost $10 now has a higher cost by the end of checkout. This is where brands need to implement smart decisions on the type of secondary packaging they are offering. 


Using packaging such as corrugated shipping boxes and mailers that are customized to fit the dimensions of your product will provide enough protection during the shipping process. Choosing the right size box will also help bring down shipping costs, making it more affordable for your online shoppers. Take Amazon for example, in order to eliminate waste and improve the eCommerce shipping process, Amazon has implemented a new Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) program in all of its fulfilment centers. The new FFP program does not require any shipping preparation or over box to be applied by vendors when the product arrives in one of Amazon’s fulfilment centers, and it also allows vendors to keep their own branding for the shipment. In addition to that, Amazon’s FFP program also encourages all its vendors to use certified packaging in order to eliminate packaging waste, which many brands are still using to this day.


The majority of online shoppers make purchasing decisions based on the type of materials used in your packaging. Just as the demand for online options has risen, so has the demand for environmentally friendly solutions. Consumers look to brands to play their part in eliminating waste and reducing their carbon footprint by offering packaging that is 100% recyclable or reusable and does not use it’s space wastefully. 


To ensure you are putting the consumers’ interest top of mind, opt for paper-based customized packaging that is the right size for your product. Additionally, if your product requires some form of plastic such as bubble wrap or secure plastic straps, be sure to use just enough to protect the product without going overboard. In most cases, biodegradable packing peanuts or corrugated bubble wrap are great fillers to ensure your fragile products don’t get damaged without damaging the environment. 


Sustainable ecommerce


We live in a word where time is of the essence and when consumers want something, they want it now. In a retail setting, it is easy for consumers to get your product immediately, however, with eCommerce, things can get tricky if you have not planned in advance. Getting your products from the inventory quickly is easy thanks to the various shipping companies we have at our disposal. However, getting your customized secondary packaging in time to meet your promised delivery turnaround is a different story. It happens. The sad truth is that many packaging manufacturers either require high minimum order quantities and are unable to produce and deliver customized packaging orders in a fast turnaround time. This only adds fuel to the fire, and at the end of the day, it is your brand that gets judged for not meeting your delivery promises.


Compack eliminates this very real problem in the sector by connecting brands to online custom packaging suppliers that offer little to no minimum order quantities and faster turnaround times ensuring that the needs of your business and consumers are met. 

The Emotional Factor

This is by far the most important part of your eCommerce customer experience. Social Media platforms have created the perfect tool to get your brand free advertising through your consumer. When you have connected with your customer positively and your packaging has sparked excitement your customers are more likely to snap a pic of your packaging and post it online with a positive caption. If you have packaged it correctly, it may even lead to a few of your consumers uploading a video of their unboxing experience


However, sending a boring old brown box to their door is not going to instill much emotion or excitement into your consumers. This is where brands need to use their creativity and floor their customers with a personalized custom package that leaves a lasting impression. The look and feel of packaging have a great influence on the purchasing decision of your shoppers.

In order to dominate the market and highlight your brand, it is important to design packaging that not only stays true to your branding but also makes the customers feel like they are receiving something truly special. 


Unboxing experience


Browsing through the various online vendors on Compack allows brands and designers alike to choose the best custom packaging supplier that offers innovative tools, which allow you to select the packaging, design it to your preferences, and order it in just a few simple steps. 


At Compack, we help brands stay ahead of the changing market trends by offering you tailor-made packaging solutions ranging from primary and secondary packaging to ensure all your business needs are met.