Companies are on the hunt for novel packaging solutions to make their products stand out in 2021. Now has never been a better time to conceptualize game-changing packaging that will give you a leg up on your competitors in the new year. But how do we set our products apart and what strategies are available to us? Well, making your packaging more personal for the consumer is one of the go-to tricks to stand out in stores around the world. Whether it be Coca-Cola’s recent product packaging campaign with their cans featuring consumer names on them or products with add ons dedicated to their consumers, personal packaging is providing to be the way forward.

Alas, the process of finding a trustworthy and quality packaging partner to bring your personal packaging ideas to life can become time-consuming and costly if relationships buckle because of a supplier’s inability to meet deadlines or produce desired solutions. To avoid racking up extensive costs and wasting time, companies may quickly find the best packaging partners across the country with the help of comparative resources showcasing the differences between the various suppliers. Assessing these differences and how they could benefit your company on the fly will allow you to focus on what matters – making your packaging more personal for the consumer.

What is Tailor-Made Packaging?

All businesses wish to stand out from the competition, but it can be extremely difficult to set oneself apart within the stores, when the shelves are teeming with an abundance of options and the consumers are riddled with possibilities. As such, many companies are seeking new packaging solutions to outshine the competition – with tailor-made packaging seeing a rise in popularity during 2020 and as we move into the new year. But what is tailor-made packaging and how can you leverage the concept?

Tailor-made packaging is custom-designed with specific consumers in mind, generated to stand out from the competition as well as other more generic products a company may have in their product range. Tailor-made packaging is all about creating product packaging that connects with the consumer on a more personal level, in the same way that the aforementioned Coca Cola campaign does. 

With a better understanding of tailor-made packaging, we can leverage the concept to create truly mesmerizing product packaging solutions. We can leverage tailor-made packaging in several ways, and we have outlined these below:

Tip #6: Do Your Research

The first and most critical step in developing personal packaging for your consumers, a step that is often overlooked for its perceived simplicity, is researching your audience. This doesn’t mean looking back at old marketing data to understand your consumer base but rather revamping and redefining your consumer segments. With current marketing goals and a recent situational analysis in mind, you can start thinking about how your consumers perceive your products and the marketing landscape today. Conducting a brand new research phase will allow you to generate unpredicted insights regarding your market, revealing potential packaging personalization ideas and trends that may be worth your investment.

Tip #5: Add Ons for Your Packaging

A trick to making your packaging more personal, without having to change the entirety of your current packaging is by creating add ons to attach to your product packaging. There are several ways you may go about doing this. You could attach tags to the necks of bottles or print out stickers that are attached to boxes, the possibilities do not end here. You could get even more creative by attaching additional tools, for example, a pouch of golf tees with a limited edition golf ball set, that further spotlight your products. The addition to your product packaging will make your audience feel as though you are giving your personal touch to the product, paying more attention to their needs and helping them feel valued by your brand.

Tip #4: Elevate the Unboxing Experience

Product unboxing is a new phenomenon, with people flocking to YouTube videos dedicated to streamers unboxing their latest packages. People on YouTube will sit for hours on end watching others open up products and reveal them to their cameras. It has created a whole community of watchers and the power of unboxing is unparalleled. Consumers are no longer judging and reviewing products themselves but are assessing their unboxing experiences. This means that you have a golden opportunity here to create a personal experience for your consumers. Whether it be inserting custom messages into boxes or providing foldouts that create something new when consumers open their packages, you can create a connection with your consumers by paying attention to the details. 

Tip #3: Include Some Texture

Another personal touch that you can leverage for your product packaging is adding something for your consumer to touch onto the packaging. By including textures in your packaging, you create a sensory experience that is much more memorable than merely opening up a box. For example, if you were selling sneakers then creating a panel on the shoebox where the consumer can feel the suede of the sneakers is a personal touch that brings them closer to the product before they have even purchased it or opened up the box. This kind of textural addition will help your product stand out from the competition and set your branding narrative apart.

Tip #2: Dual Purpose Packaging

Another way to make your product packaging more personal is by making it dual purpose. Consumers these days are thrilled when they receive packaging that they do not simply have to throw away. For one, this aligns with eco-conscious movements in the packaging and consumer world as well as means consumers have a prolonged connection with your brand.

Tip #1: The Right Kind of Targeting

Make your packaging more personal by creating packaging that reflects your target market depending on their geographic location. This can be quite costly as targeting according to location will require multiple types of packaging for the same product to be created, however, it can be incredibly rewarding as you hone in on specific groups of people. For example, your product packaging may have a color scheme aligned to the national colors when launched in one country and a different color scheme when launched in another country.

These are a few significant steps that your company can take during your next phase of product packaging development to take advantage of the benefits of tailor-made packaging and make your packaging more personal for the consumer. Doing so will help you stand out from the crowd and create a truly exciting experience for your current and potentially new audience.