Packaging Design That Reflects Your Brand Identity

The way you present your product to consumers in its packaged form is an important first step in telling your brand’s story. We, as visual creatures, are hardwired to tie emotions to things we see all around us, which is no different when it comes to your brand identity and packaging. To put the importance of packaging into perspective, just think about how many adverts you have seen from major fashion labels and corporations who use their packaging as a “sneak peek” into what is to come. If the package is captivating, consumers react positively without even seeing what the actual product is. The package builds anticipation and excitement and also acts as a sales driver and indicator of the product’s quality. However, there is a lot that goes into choosing the right packaging design for your product, which is why it is important to ask yourself these questions before going to market:

Is The Package Consistent With The Company’s Branding?

The packaging should be an extension of your company’s brand and message. Every aspect of your product including the packaging creates a brand experience from the moment the customer engages with you all the way through to unboxing and using the product. You don’t want the customer to receive the product and think that it is from a completely different company, you want your design to be memorable and consistent with the typography, color, and logo of your brand and the product. For example, if you are selling a luxurious product, your packaging needs to reflect that. 

It is also important not to go overboard with the design. You don’t want the packaging to overshadow the product, instead, you want to find a good balance between building excitement and navigating the consumer’s main focus towards the product. 

Is The Packaging Practical?

The packaging you use relies heavily on the type of product you are selling and there are a few things you need to consider before settling on the design. If you are selling your product through an e-commerce platform you need to consider whether or not the box is easy to ship and if it provides enough protection so that the product does not get damaged in transit. Another thing to consider is the size of the packaging because this plays an important role in determining your shipping fees and delivery turnaround time as well. 

If you are selling the product in a retail space your focus should be on whether or not your packaging highlights your brand and sets you apart from the competition. 

Is The Packaging Sustainable?

A lot of consumers have turned their attention to the type of materials used in the products they purchase. Consumers have become aware of the enormous waste caused by plastic and other non-recyclable goods and are more than likely going to choose sustainable options over these materials. Choosing eco-friendly, zero waste packaging is a great way to highlight the values of your company and your customers will appreciate the effort you are putting in to make our planet a cleaner and safer place for us all.

In addition to using sustainable materials, you also want to consider whether or not your packaging can be repurposed for another use. Just think about how many people reuse old shoe boxes for their bits and bobs. If you are using e-commerce mailers or similar packaging, now is your chance to show the world just how innovative your brand is by giving your customers a beautifully designed box that can be repurposed for extra storage, which is far more visually appealing than an old shoebox, or into something a little bit more creative like a cardboard photo frame, a fun game for kids, or draw dividers. 


Sustainable packaging


Does The Copy-writing Reflect Your Brand?

Your packaging is the gift wrapping of your product and should always grab the attention of your consumers to entice them to buy the product. But we are not just talking about placing random strings of words to fill up blank space, but rather a clever, well thought out piece of copy that sparks that emotional connection between you as a brand and your customers. One of the best ways to get your message across is through the subtle art of words. Your company is just a name to someone if they do not know anything about your history or values so why not put your story down in words for all to see? A short witty tale about how your company came to be is a nice personal touch for e-commerce mailing packages. 

For retail packaging, clever one-liners, puns, and other witty copy go a long way in captivating your audience, provided that it fits in with the type of product you are selling. A no-nonsense clean piece of copy is also a great way to capture the market, however, you still want to ensure that it is attention-grabbing and well thought out.

Is It Social Media Worthy?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, major conglomerates use their packaging as a way to persuade customers to purchase their products. A lot of companies also recruit influencers with a large following to feature the product in an unboxing video. The more captivating the experience is, the more likely customers are to build an emotional connection to your brand. When it comes to opening the product, gently untying the branded ribbons, tearing away the tissue paper, and revealing the final jewel – the product, you want everything about your packaging to be Insta-perfect. Social Media has become a powerful tool to help drive sales and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to capture the market with a strong brand identity.

The Bottom Line

There is a lot of value in making smart choices about the way you showcase your product, which can determine the success of your business. Taking the time to reflect your brand identity and company values in your packaging is an effective tool to drive sales and instill positive emotions in your customers before they have even seen the product.