When choosing a custom packaging manufacturer for your brand, it’s important to make sure the company’s standards align precisely with your business model. Knowing what to expect along every step of the process (not to mention the final result!) gives you the control and flexibility you need to break through the market and grow your business to new heights. Here are 5 important things to know when designing and ordering custom packaging online.


1. Package Order Quantity & Sustainability

 The first thing you should always factor in when ordering custom packaging online is how many or how few packages you want to order. For SMEs and small-to-medium brand owners, flexible order quantity is the best way to meet your demand while also minimizing costs and waste via compatible packaging replenishment cycles.

Without a MOQ (minimum order quantity) or strict order cycle agreement, you don’t have to worry about jeopardizing your supply chain with restocking delays in situations where your business sees rapid order placements. This also helps to reduce waste caused by ordering more packaging than you actually need. It’s also important to note that modern and sustainable packaging processes; such as digital print and digital cut and crease, typically offer more flexibility over conventional packaging converting processes and let you transition quickly between seasonal campaigns, marketing updates, long-tail product lines, and the latest consumer trends. In the below picture Compack demonstrate how you can choose your vendor based on No MOQ . When you select a vendor with “No MOQ” they will even allow you to order as little as one box. 

No MOQ in Packaging


2. Fast & Reliable Delivery

Delivery lead times are crucial when it comes to choosing your packaging manufacturer because long wait times could leave your products sitting on a shelf or being delivered to the end consumer without any legitimately branded packaging. It’s obviously a good bet to go with the fastest delivery times possible — just make sure that’s not the only thing that your package manufacturer has to offer.

Suppliers have different lead times, but other factors can affect delivery, such as weather, material shortage, labor issues, etc. Thanks to Compack, you can review consumer feedback on potential suppliers and their delivery success rates to make sure they are the ideal partner for your brand. Turnaround time for online vendors can be as little as 24 to 48 hours as represented in the graphic below instead of the usual 4 to 8 week turnaround that comes standard with most traditional packaging suppliers. Times are changing, and fast — believe it or not!

Fast turnaround in packaging


3. Flexible Design Process

Whether you’ve got your own designer or are looking for an all-in-one packaging manufacturer that does it all, an innovative supplier can give you the freedom of integrating every step of the design process into your order, which is typically done straight on the website platform.

You’ll have the freedom of democratizing the entire design process whether you’re doing it on your own or with the help of professionals. You can employ parametric capabilities right on the website, do your own graphic design online, or download die cutting files and add graphics through external sources. You can also choose your substrate, box type, and dimensions while adding graphics using intuitive design features. Learn more about How to Design Your Own Custom Packaging and create the perfect package using online tools.

Online packaging graphic design


4. Upfront & Transparent Pricing

You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops just to get a quote for your packaging order. And any uncertain pricing factors might be a red flag. Once you’ve got your package parameters down, you should be able to get an upfront and fixed price that’s not going to change once you’ve placed your order. You’ll also want to review a transparent list of pricing details that include everything from materials and design processes to special packaging customizations and unique requests. When your package manufacturer is fully transparent, it gives you the confidence to trust them with the success of your brand.


5. Samples, Samples, Samples!

No legitimate packaging manufacturer should have a problem with providing a package sample for your review and approval. Once your package design is finalized, request a package sample to verify its quality and to make sure that the logo, colors, and other details are made-to-order. Even though you can check out your package via a 3D viewer online, you should always get a physical sample to verify its material quality and to make sure it goes well with your product before placing an order. Compack gives you access to reputable suppliers who are more than happy to accommodate your request for a sample and make changes in the case of any defects or other concerns. After all, it’s your package and everything has to be just right!