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Get beautifully crafted custom packaging in a few short days with Compack’s network of online packaging vendors who offer low minimum order quantities without any hassles or delays.

Why Online Custom Packaging?

There is a huge demand for short-run packaging in today’s commercial landscape — and most of the world’s packaging manufacturers are simply not equipped to fulfill this need. That’s because many packaging manufacturers have strict MOQ (minimum order quantity) requirements and don’t have the flexibility to manufacture custom packages on-demand.

Compack’s knowledge of leading custom package manufacturers around the globe allows you to design beautiful custom packages for any product in any industry. In just a few simple clicks you are able to design and manufacture custom packages on an intuitive interface, and place your order with manufacturers who offer personalized customer service.

With structural design flexibility, graphic customization options, and very low MOQ (sometimes as low as a single package!), you can order custom packages without having to worry about sales managers, quote delays, and delivery setbacks.

Simply choose a supplier based on location, time to market, packaging design flexibility, MOQ and other customization parameters — and you’re all set. It’s that easy!

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Browse through out extensive list of custom packaging suppliers based on criteria unique to your location and business goals, such as time to market, packaging design options, with or without MOQ, and packaging type (Primary and secondary packaging, folding cartons, and corrugated packaging)

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